Check it out, the first-years have a blog, and it has a cool image on top just like ours!!!!!

Also, check out their post about this, the last weekend to go to Keeneland during the racing season.


HA! Your mascot is upside down in this image, Georgia. Like upside-down cake, that means defeat!

It’s homecoming this weekend and the Kentucky Wildcats intend to beat up on Georgia. Other than Fausto, I’m sure we’re all on board with that.

Prior to the 7:30 game on Saturday, I propose we tailgate at my place in Commonwealth Village, on Limestone/Nicholasville Road, within view of the stadium.

I think this place is a motel purchased by the university and converted into student housing. The university fun-haters even filled in the pool. Thankfully they accidentally installed some fun-producing devices, such as a volleyball net, picnic tables and some grills. There is some wide-open grass for those of you who like to leap and frolic.


What: Tailgating at Jeremy’s

When: Saturday, Oct. 23, 3:30 2 p.m.

Where: Commonwealth Village, 1435 Nicholasville Road (Google maps view here)

What to bring: hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, veggies. Also BYOB. If someone has cornhole (or “bean bag toss”), that would be nice. Some folding chairs if you have any.

Parking: I’m very close to the stadium, so parking gets crazy at about noon on game day. Seriously, people several blocks further away from the stadium are selling parking spots in their backyards for $15. Crazy. Anyway, I would recommend parking as close as you can and hoofing it the rest of the way, or carpooling and doing the same.

Give me a shout-out somehow so I know how many to expect. Leave a comment here, text me at 605-593-3087 or email me at jfugleberg@gmail.com

As an extra incentive to make it through midterms week, this Friday October 15th is College day at Keeneland, which means with a student id, you get in free, get a chance to win scholarships, and get free food.  It looks like the first 1,000 students to register for a scholarship even get a free t-shirt!

If you can make it, comment below or let me know and we can try to organize some carpools.  Crucial information I found out last week: the parking situation is different this year; you’ll want to stay right as you enter the first gate in order to park for free.

First post time is 1:05pm.

Trying to move past the fact that my Rick Sanchez post might have killed the blog, I thought I would post a few articles this morning.

First off, the continuing effects of the toxic sludge spill in Hungary. The continent’s worst fears, namely that the Danube would be severely contaminated, seem to be unrealized. While the sludge did reach the river its alkaline level had dropped to a safe level. This not to say that all is well. The contaminated area, which is largely agricultural land, is more than likely ruined for quite some time. The containment pool, where the leak sprang from, is at risk of cracking even further. Officials are evacuating residents and warning everyone that a second spill might be in the offing. This morning came news that the managing director of the company behind the spill, MAL, has been detained for questioning. This is the same individual who said, only hours after the initial last week, that he saw no reason why the plant shouldn’t be operating by the weekend. Hungarian officials are now deciding on whether or not to bring the company under state control.

What does every good political candidate need for a successful campaign? A scapegoat of course. This year the lucky winner seems to be China. A few weeks ago FP had a piece discussing how candidates were increasingly pointing to China has the cause of so many of our problems. On Sunday the Times expanded on this idea, looking at campaign commercials that point to everyone from China, to India, to Mexico as the root of all of our evils. My poor home state: Ohio is in the middle of a 10-year job recession with no clear path back to prosperity and the best our candidates can do is blame someone else. Ugh.

It's so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice...

As I’m sure everyone has heard by now Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN recently for calling Jon Stewart a bigot and largely insinuating that a Jewish cabal controls all media. Not, apparently, for being an idiot. David Rothkopf has a great essay on the topic, pointing out how Rick Sanchez should have been fired quite some time ago for embodying Ron Burgundy in all his glory. However, I felt the most poignant part of the post was his critique of the cable news channels in general. As CNN, Fox, and MSNBC  continue to demonstrate their inability to produce quality journalism, its going to reopen the door for traditional sources. Its only a matter of time before newspapers figure out how to best utilize the availability of new media, and that might signal the end of cable news.

Jon Stewart responded last night on the Daily Show, and he had another apt comparison for Mr. Sanchez.

NYT/Tim Hetherington/Outpost Films

First, business:

Movie: 7:40 p.m., Kentucky Theater, $7

After: Downtown, all around.

Here are the details for Restrepo. the gritty documentary was hand-camera shot by author Sebastian Junger (“The Perfect Storm”) and Tim Hetherington who spent a year with a US Army unit in the Korangal Valley in Afganistan.

By all accounts, an awesome documentary. Rottentomatoes.com gives it a 96% rating, saying: “Forsaking narrative structure for pure visceral power, Restrepo plunges viewers into the experiences of soldiers on the front lines of the Afghan War.”

The New York Times reviewer says:

“Restrepo” avoids the conventions of documentary film: there is no back story, no drive-bys with experts for context, no underlying ideology or obvious message. The viewer is dropped into war, with a hard jolt, and resides, along with 15 soldiers from Second Platoon of Battle Company of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, in a remote and raw outpost called Restrepo, so named after one member of the platoon who is killed early in their rotation.

After the movie, we’ll head out to check out the WEG’d-up Lexington downtown. There are a few acts playing on the stages, and all the venues will be open. Remember, open container is legal all over the downtown area, so enjoy that while you can.

Reparations and Volleyball

It took over 90 years, but Germany has finally finished paying off WWI. The last reparations payment is due on October 3, which will settle all outstanding debts. I’m gonna have to be honest with everyone and admit I didn’t realize this was still considered an outstanding debt. This also gives me a chance to plug Liaquat Ahamed’s book ‘Lords of Finance.’ It’s a fantastic read and does a great job looking at the shape of the global financial system prior to and after the Great Depression. The lingering effects of the reparation payments play a prominent role in the discussion of Germany (as you would imagine).

Also, I think we have a volleyball game at 10:15 tonight. It is everyone’s duty to call Cody and have him beg Casey to come out and play.