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UKY email addresses

How long do we get to keep the @uky.edu email addresses?

I had the same question.  I called the UKIT dept and they said that, in theory, you don’t get to keep the email after graduation for any length of time and you should have prepared for that prior to graduation.  In practice however, we will probably be able to access our email for a couple months before they’re deleted.  This was news to me so I figured I would share, especially since I get to keep my undergraduate email address indefinitely, and since it appears UKIT is about to outsource their email servers to Microsoft and Google, and since it would make since for alumni outreach for a university to let alums keep their email addresses… etc.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Happy 2011


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This message is from Anne Jones.  The Firsties want to host an end of year potluck in our honor.  From what I understand, the Firsties will bring the food.  2nd years just need to bring their graduated selves.  It is an Anne’s house which is about 12 miles down Harrodsburg Rd.


Potluck to honor the Patterson School Graduates of Fall 2010

Saturday, December 11th at 7 o’clock in the evening


The White House

410 N. Lexington Ave

Wilmore, Kentucky 40390


Casual Dress


RSVP to Kathryn Corridan at kathryn.corridan@uky.edu by Dec 9th

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The Big Game

That’s right, this weekend OSU faces UM. This is a huge rivalry and I plan on watching the Buckeyes crush the Wolverines this Sat at noon! Depending on interest, this may be held at my place or we may just meet at Pazzo’s or something. Let me know if you’re interested!

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CLass gift

Some of us 2nd years talked about this already and agree.  Traditionally 1st years give 2nd years a gift and 2nd years gift the Patterson School for graduation. So far, the consensus has been to completely abandon this tradition.


Is there any dissent on the issue?

If so, we need to officially let the firsties know not to bother.

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Development Dinner!

Whether you are focusing on development or just interested in it, you are welcome to attend an informal gathering I’m hosting at my place on Monday, Nov. 15. See details below:

What: Development Gathering

When: Monday, Nov. 15, 7:45 p.m. – ? (this time seemed to work best for those with night classes.) No problem if you can’t be there right then, obviously. I WILL HAVE FOOD AND DRINKS! (this seems key — I know everyone is running from class/work/etc., so I’m happy to provide spaghetti, garlic bread, dessert and wine.) If you have anything in particular you want to eat or drink aside from those things, feel free to bring it, though there is certainly no need.

Where: Danielle’s House: 2717 Jacquelyn Ln, Lexington, KY 40511 (in Masterson Station neighborhood off Leestown Rd. About 10-15 mins from campus. Our house is right after you pass Silver Creek Way (this is key, as all the houses in this neighborhood look the same to me and are hard to see addresses.)

Why: To chat with classmates with similar interests (on that note, you may want to bring along a notepad or something if people bring up any potential workplaces you’d like to look into, internships, fellowships, etc. Conversely, if you have any info you’d like to pass along to people, don’t forget it!)

Please RSVP to me by Sunday evening (danielle@palmerwords.com) so I can know roughly how many people will be coming.

Thanks! Hope to see some of you then!


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As an extra incentive to make it through midterms week, this Friday October 15th is College day at Keeneland, which means with a student id, you get in free, get a chance to win scholarships, and get free food.  It looks like the first 1,000 students to register for a scholarship even get a free t-shirt!

If you can make it, comment below or let me know and we can try to organize some carpools.  Crucial information I found out last week: the parking situation is different this year; you’ll want to stay right as you enter the first gate in order to park for free.

First post time is 1:05pm.

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Trying to move past the fact that my Rick Sanchez post might have killed the blog, I thought I would post a few articles this morning.

First off, the continuing effects of the toxic sludge spill in Hungary. The continent’s worst fears, namely that the Danube would be severely contaminated, seem to be unrealized. While the sludge did reach the river its alkaline level had dropped to a safe level. This not to say that all is well. The contaminated area, which is largely agricultural land, is more than likely ruined for quite some time. The containment pool, where the leak sprang from, is at risk of cracking even further. Officials are evacuating residents and warning everyone that a second spill might be in the offing. This morning came news that the managing director of the company behind the spill, MAL, has been detained for questioning. This is the same individual who said, only hours after the initial last week, that he saw no reason why the plant shouldn’t be operating by the weekend. Hungarian officials are now deciding on whether or not to bring the company under state control.

What does every good political candidate need for a successful campaign? A scapegoat of course. This year the lucky winner seems to be China. A few weeks ago FP had a piece discussing how candidates were increasingly pointing to China has the cause of so many of our problems. On Sunday the Times expanded on this idea, looking at campaign commercials that point to everyone from China, to India, to Mexico as the root of all of our evils. My poor home state: Ohio is in the middle of a 10-year job recession with no clear path back to prosperity and the best our candidates can do is blame someone else. Ugh.

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