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So I do not know about you all, but with Comps and all I will be too overloaded to make the trip home for Thanksgiving (I imagine my family will not want to deal with the stressed out mess that will be me anyway).  So I will be here in Lexington and I plan to spend the day at the Catholic Action Center (a sort of homeless community center) serving Thanksgiving dinner.  They are in need of a few volunteers because most of their student volunteer base goes home for the holiday.

If you want to join me, please let me know  via email by this Friday so that I can give my contact a solid number to rely on.
THanks all!

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Check it out, the first-years have a blog, and it has a cool image on top just like ours!!!!!

Also, check out their post about this, the last weekend to go to Keeneland during the racing season.

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Hey folks,  I hope everyone who is still in town can make it out tonight.  There is a concert series downtown (website below) in front of the old courthouse (let the  Bourbon Bar guide you if you aren’t sure — Cheapside and Main) and the first show is tonight.  Mother Jane is playing but I cannot tell you anything about the band.  Festivities start at 4:30 and go to 8:00, there will be some Lex restaurants setting up shop if you want to eat dinner there as well.  For those who are getting back from the TN trip later than that, come meet up when you get home.  Surely we won’t venture too far by then.  http://www.downtownlex.com/thursday-night-live-concerts

Also, I thought there was a Gallery Hop this Friday (=free food and wine), but the online schedule disagrees.  I will get back to you all once I hear more in case anyone is interested.

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for those of you who don’t know, Patterson has a twitter feed. i post things like event reminders and venue changes. so follow UK_Patterson if you don’t already and you need that extra reminder about events.

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Sometime next week it would be nice to get another scrimmage going.  It seems like Thursday or Friday afternoons work the best for the most.  Let’s see if we can find a consensus in the comments section.

Also I found out about an opportunity at the Kentucky Indoor center that sounded like a lot of fun.  There will be indoor ultimate pick-up games on Friday nights between 6-10  for the next month.  They serve food (concession stand quality I imagine) and beer as well, and it is $10 a person to play.  One of my old college frisbee buddies told me about it and said that it is pretty casual and laid-back.  Would this be of any interest to you guys and gals?

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Beth W. has helpfully signed us up for spring intramurals (volleyball, dodgeball, frisbee, softball).

So while the fun starts soon, we’ve got some business.

1) PAY

First, paying Beth for signing up. Either pay her or me by Saturday, March 27.

Frisbee and dodgeball is free, but volleyball costs $1.50 and softball costs $1 each. Pay either me (Jeremy) or Beth. All the money goes to Beth, who fronted the cost out of her own pocket. As you pay, I’ll take your name off the below list.

Owes $2.50 (signed up for v-ball and softball)

  • Elizabeth
  • Evan
  • Amanda

Owes $1.50 (signed up for v-ball only)

  • Danielle
  • Kyle
  • Leila
  • Tommy

Owes $1.00 (signed up for softball only)

  • Jason
  • Caren


What’s the name of our ultimate frisbee team? Let’s get creative, people, and soon. Jon has suggested Cavanukes or something involving Attack Unicorns.


We’ve got a few t-shirt designs, mostly having something to do with unicorns, which seem to quickly capture the popular imagination. This image –> is courtesy of Peter.

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Check it out, y’all.

The new blogroll on the right sidebar of this illustrious blog holds must-have info such as the school calendar, photos, and a great page (courtesy of Amanda Ingenito) that offers up all your favorite Patterson forms and information such as:

  • Curriculum plan (aka pink sheet) sheet
  • Swag catalog
  • POT phone list
  • Van Room schedule
  • Foreign language requirement sheet

Anything else you think deserves to be linked here?

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